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Christian Beshore is a genre-bending One-Man-Band. Though the music is stripped down, with simple instrumentation, many don’t believe all that sound is coming from one person, or that he has been at it for only about six months. You might call it Hound Dog Taylor meets Jack White. Or, TomOne Man Band Waits’ and P.J. Harvey’s love child. However you do look at it, Beshore rocks. With just his voice, a three string guitar, kick drum and hi-hat, his music stands firmly on its own.

Sub-Rock Music
“Christian Beshore plays with 3 strings tied behind his back just to make it fair for everyone else.”

de⋅va (Blue Star Entertainment)
“Your ep is the best I’ve heard in quite some time.
In fact, it’s so completely impressive that I’m somewhat speechless. (which is rare).”

” This dude Christian Beshore makes his own instruments, and he’s a one man band, and he’s pretty rough and ready to go.[...] the music itself is impressive when you listen to it, but then when you see him acctually doing it your like “wow”  because you know not only is he doing it all by himself, but he constructed the intruments so it’s quite an impressive feat.”

“I recently listed Christian Beshore’s song “Operator” in my April playlist, but the guy deserves more than just a small plug. Beshore, who is from Pennsylvania, has created some of the best blues sounds that I have heard in a while. The garage sound of Beshore’s blues has a twofold meaning. First, the instruments are created in his garage. The majority of his music is performed on three string cigar box guitars that look like they have been created from the scrap wood pile of a carpenters shop. The raw guitar riffs are backed by a kick drum and a hi-hat ‘with some junk bolted to it.’ The aesthetics of this project are a garage creation. Second, the recordings are done in the garage giving them that distorted rough sound that only a flat slab of concrete can generate. It definitely gives the blues a more bluesy, delta porch feel. It is lo-fi without trying to be.”

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