upcoming shows in michigan

why do i keep going to michigan to plays shows? probably because i can’t get any traction here at home. i’m not sure why people in other parts of the country are so willing to help or give me a try and here they all want a guaranteed draw in what i consider a pay to play situation. enough complaining. i’m off to detroit and else where.

i’m going to fly to detroit on the 8th to play a hand full of shows starting july, 9th at paychecks lounge. every show will be with dale beavers who i’ve played with in the past. i’ll be doing my one-man-band thing and playing drums for dale. also, i hope to debut another project i’m involved with called the girls from hateville. this band is made up on dale, me and fisher michigan. i’m not sure what we will be doing, but i’ll probably be the drummer in that as well. we have plans to record a few things while i’m in michigan.

if all worked out here, the posters should link you to the venue or whatever i could find.

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