cbg update

i’ve been busy doing a  lot of pickup work for a few days. i’ve made some serious strides in my process since i added a few tools. but, more on the pickups another time.

i’ve got 7 guitars in the works now. one headstock shattered while attempting a new technique for cutting the slot. it’s not the first one i’ve broken and i’m surprised i still have the 7 smoothly running through the process.

there will still be 8 guitars as i found an unfinished guitar (#17) hanging in my shop. i made it last summer and ran out of time or parts or both… it’s only needs to be wired and set up, so it will join in at that stage. it’s a cool all white model.

where i stand right now is all of the guitars have their pickup cavity and lid recess finished. i’ll fit the lids soon and then carve the necks, then they are ready to be assembled.

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