day three of builds

today i didn’t get much done on the guitars. i needed to get some other stuff done and it’s freaking hot out. i did get the headstocks on all but one neck shaped. the one i didn’t do is having one of the “horns” glued back on after the router knocked it off. that’s why i shape them by hand…  any way, after about an hour of rasping and filling on headstocks, i was drenched. also, i’ve acquired a a drill press since my last set of builds and i’m working out a more accurate and less time consuming method of making the slot in the headstock. so, i need a little bit of head scratching time to work that out.

a few people have mentioned that they don’t know what i’m building exactly. so i’m posting a few photo’s of cbgs i built in the past which are basically what i’m building here, minus or plus a few embellishments.

two of these guitars are spoken for, so they will be built to suite their future owners. i’m not sure how the others will go just yet. if you want one custom made for you, get with me soon, as i’m not going to be going too slow here…

the “hollowbelly” cbg now resides in the south of england. spending most days laying about on the beach living a carefree life of leisure. every once in a while tho it must endure a beating from the living legend of the cbg himself, hollowbelly. i made him this guitar over a year ago, it and my #11 are the first of their kind.

this is my cbg #12 the "hollowbelly" custom model used on the album "punk, northern and blue" by the man himself

here is  a shot of the headstock from my #11, the twin to #12

my standard headstock
here is a photo of my second ever cbg build, which is the inspiration/prototype for all the guitars that have followed to date.this is my 2nd build and it contains my 2nd ever magnetic pickup. this cbg was also used to test the 1st 10 or so, pickups

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